Quick, Quick, Slow = Fine

by duncanr

Most motorists drop their speed to below the legal limit when approaching a speed camera.

Alert to this ploy, officials in Valencia, Spain have started issuing tickets to motorists driving too SLOW when they pass the cameras

Jesus Llorens fell foul of . . .

this new practice, being fined 200 euros for driving

at an abnormally reduced speed without just cause, obstructing the progress of another vehicle

Source – http://tinyurl.com/3mysox3

If ever proof was needed that the primary purpose of speed cameras is not road safety but to generate income for the operators !!!

6 Comments to “Quick, Quick, Slow = Fine”

  1. Yes Duncan, and now “BIg Brother” is watching us ever closer with “Average time: against distance covered.”

    GPRS and other invasive systems such as traffic singals being able to record your number plate etc can time you from one point to another. The time taken is your Speed. So if you travel 50 miles in an hour; but did 100 MPH for the first 30 minuets and then 10 MPH for the remainder, that would give you an average speed of 55 MPH. The speed limit was 50 MPH: 3 points on your driving license, and £100 fine +costs.

    Nice litter earner eh 🙂

    Big Brother is VERY real, and cetainly not their for our well being ! Again Orwell’s foresight comming to fruition.


  2. Why would you want to do 100mph for 30 minutes in a 50mph zone and then 10 mph for the rest of the distance?

    I’d take your Licence away forever, if I was the beak!


  3. I’m not too keen on the idea of Orwell’s foreskin coming: Especially to fruition!


  4. I swear there was an animal in the road and that is why I slowed.


  5. Ratty,

    I was not suggesting that I would do 100 MPH ( I don’t think my car is capable of it anyway !), but I was trying to demonstrate that the Police are using Average Speed indications, “not real time”.

    As for George Orwell “Comming” to frution has an interesting connotation too -:)


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