Caylee Anthony : Mother Not Guilty of her Murder

by duncanr

Caylee Anthony ‘disappeared’ June 9th 2008. She was not reported missing to the police by her mother until 4 weeks after she had ‘disappeared’

Six months after 2yr old Caylee was last seen, her body was found in woods near where she lived. Her mouth was covered with silver duct tape that had been adorned with a heart-shaped sticker.

Her body had been placed in . . .

a laundry-hamper bag and then secured in a plastic garbage bag before being left in the woods.

Her mother, Casey Anthony was arrested and charged with the murder of her daughter.

3 years later, a jury has found her NOT Guilty of Caylee’s murder

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6 Comments to “Caylee Anthony : Mother Not Guilty of her Murder”

  1. Dear, dear little girl.

    I’ve got nothing to add.


  2. There is no justice in this world!


  3. I can’t, I’ve had too much pain in my life to even reflect on this matter.


    • Hugs, Lynn. Some things are best left alone.

      There is plenty of stuff in the world that I don’t want to watch or get involved in, because I can’t influence it, and I’ll only get annoyed, upset or depressed about it….and I haven’t had even a fraction of the heartache that you’ve had.


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