Everyone’s a Winner

by duncanr

Eight kids at Compton High School competed in the final of a basketball free shooting competition.

The winner, Allan Guei, won $40,000.

He did not keep the money himself, though. After gaining a full scholarship to study at California State University Northridge, he split the $40,000 equally amongst the other 7 kids he had beat in the final – reckonong their need was greater than his.

Full story here – http://tinyurl.com/5ul6qxp

4 Comments to “Everyone’s a Winner”

  1. What is even better is that the participants were all chosen based on their academic achievements



  2. Everyone’s a winner’?

    No they’re bloody well not! Where’s my share of this payout?


  3. Isn’t that known as Netball and is played by girls in the UK?


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