Heard about the Ferret, the Monkey, and the Parakeet ?

by duncanr

The rain in Spain Siberia falls mainly on the plain city of Chita and is being blamed for the escape of a ferret, a monkey, and a parakeet from the circus.

It has been suggested a deep depression caused by the incessant rain led the animals to flee the circus, probably in search of a warmer clime.

The monkey was soon recovered – found in a kennel, fast asleep cuddling a dog.

The ferret and the parakeet, however, are still on the run.

And while the parakeet is sadly missed, particularly by his mate who is now showing signs of depression, the ferret is less well loved – being described as a . . . “terrible glutton, idle to the core.”

More here – http://tinyurl.com/6dlpfru

2 Comments to “Heard about the Ferret, the Monkey, and the Parakeet ?”

  1. That circus should have utilised the talents of Josh Cook – then their parakeet would have come back


  2. I hope the ferret didn’t eat the parakeet!


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