Taking Mom for a Ride

by duncanr

Having your mum as a passenger when you’re driving is not generally a good idea – even more so when you’re a stunt-driver !

Love her reaction at the end, though – ‘I’ll have a beer’ 😆

8 Comments to “Taking Mom for a Ride”

  1. Who is this “Mom” to which you refer?



    • I considered saying that, but given the fact that my reputation invariably precedes me, I didn’t wish to appear a complete twat.

      But now that you’ve set a precednet, I’ll whinge about it as well, and also take the opportunity to have a go at BigD about the missing ‘era’ and ‘eo’ on his post about some bloke getting chinned on his pushbike.

      ‘Cam’?, ‘Vid’?…….. WTF?


  2. Hear that guys.

    Your old thicko ratty has set a “precednet”, I bet you’ve never heard of one of those before.


  3. dont you fckning strat!


  4. Leaf Luigie a loan!!!


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