Samosa Soul Search

by duncanr

A restaurant which unwittingly served meat samosas to a group of Hindu’s (whose faith holds that they cannot be with God after death if their soul is ‘unpure’ as a result of eating meat) is being sued by the disgruntled diners.

Apparently, their souls must be purified and nothing less will do than . . .

a dip in the Ganges at a cost of thousands of dollars which they think the restaurant should cough up

Personally, I’d nip along to my local temple and have a word with the priest there – would be a whole lot cheaper, and safer too. Have you seen the state of the Ganges? Health-wise I’d rather take my chances with a meat samosa than risk a dip in the Ganges

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10 Comments to “Samosa Soul Search”

  1. I’m making samoosas tonight …. these poor people will be in my thoughts while I’m stuffing them with HEAPS of meat 🙂


  2. What a load of old bollocks.


  3. It is a tradition at our work that whenever anyone in the machine shop or assembly has a birthday or some other reason to celebrate they buy a whole load of samosa for everyone.

    The samosas were temporarily replaced with cakes for a few months a while back when one of the setters nipped out just before lunchtime to collect the samosas he’d ordered for the factory only to find our local ‘sweet centre’ closed off and a bunch of coppers hanging about outside.

    He’s a bit of a wind-up merchant so no-one took him really seriously at first when he spun as a tall (as we thought) tale about our samosa shop being closed down following the discovery of a dead . . . .

    well it made the national news – read what they found here


  4. @duncanr

    Erm, it’s quite possible that you and i have passed each other on the Soho rd, Lol !
    I live not too far from there too!
    However, like Julie, i prefer to make my own Samosas.

    I used to live in the Balti stretch of B13, and witnessed so much dodgyness that would make a dog sick..rats et al. eek!


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