Bangladeshi Man has Brick Tied to Dick

by duncanr

As punishment for kidnapping and forcibly marrying a 12 yr old girl, elders in a Bangladeshi village stripped a 30 yr old man and made him parade naked with a brick tied to his penis

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Jeez, I’m sure there are less painful penis enlargement techniques around !!!

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23 Comments to “Bangladeshi Man has Brick Tied to Dick”

  1. Tried that (the brick I mean), doesn’t work.

    However, I have high hopes for my latest invention which comprises a jam jar, an old bicycle pump, elastic bands, a dead frog and loads and loads of pain-killing morphine.

    Maybe I can run a weekly progress feature, similar to that of Duncan’s recent weight loss chart, If the readership of MH so wishes?


  2. First, you’ll need a camera with a good macro setting……


  3. @ratty

    You never cease to amaze me with your explorative ideas!
    If you really, really, really want to share the progress of your, erm, ‘enhancing’ experiment without baring all, then pics could be presented in silhouette! 🙂

    ps: the ‘Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Ratty’ recently deemed me heart-worthy to return to society.
    i guess your charm has been so overwhelming because it’s been reported that most nunneries are so over-accommodated that nearby monasteries have been forced to open their doors to the victims of that charm! 🙂


    • ….then pics could be presented in silhouette.

      It reminds me of a scene from a film. I think it’s from Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me. It’s about British secret service agent and 60s throwback Austin Powers pitting his wits against this character called Doctor Evil, who is really an old fruit, ….

      I reckon yours is a good idea, trillian3 – ratty’s snake supplementation silhouette show.


  4. Not guilty Your Honour. I cannot be held responsible for the fickle wants of young women with burgeoning sexual desires, let alone queer monks.

    PS: bugger silhouettes, I”m into baring all – wooph!


  5. I was going to start today, but the temperature fluctuates so much as to render any results open to speculation.

    Today is very cold (43°C) and therefore not the ideal time to conduct a scientific study.

    Let’s just wait until it warms up a bit, or I’ve visited a porn site.


  6. D-rrrrumm!..t-rrrrumm!..d-rrrrumm!..t-rrrru…..
    Can you hear that Ratty?
    That’s the sound of fingers strumming on a table while patiently waiting for something to happen!!! 🙂


  7. trillian3, if you have one of them there internet cameras . . .

    btw – you sound awfully like a past contributor named Gloria Smud.


  8. Funnily enough, a few years ago I knew somebody who made a trip in Africa for a few months, staying with several tribes. In one of the tribes, all the men had big penises, caused by hanging a weight from them.

    He told me about this on his return, and said he was going to try it.

    I didn’t see him for a few weeks, then bumped into him in the street. It turned out he was still trying the technique. When I asked him if it was working, he replied “Well, it’s turned black”.


  9. Well, I was just off to bed with indecent thoughts of trillian3 and monks on my mind, when up pops pjmcneill. He’s always good for a laugh, so maybe I’ll hang around a while.


  10. Shit! I was just about to go to bed!


  11. Light on his feet, flitting about, dancer of wide renown, ratty.
    Does it each day – although labelled ‘gay’ – stops him from being a fatty.

    There’s only one snag – along with his bag, his willy’s small, wrinkled and tatty
    But to fill out his jeans, as he’s venting those beans (parp!), hiis Mini must be a Bugatti!

    So he’s worked out a plan to boost his old man – let’s hope that it doesn’t go ‘splatty’!

    There you go – off to bed now!


  12. I’ll have you know that my Willie’s not small, wrinkled and tatty.

    Oh, OK – but I’m not gay

    Oh, OK!


  13. Now if a woman had kidnapped a 12 year old boy and forced him to marry her, what would the punishment be…ah never mind!


  14. Hey! frigginloon
    re: if it was a woman

    One thought, one word – “Ouch!” 🙂




    Erm, does Gloria Smud really exist? or have you been lurking on ‘anagram genius’ again? hmmm! 🙂


  15. Yes – she is A GLUM DORIS.


  16. My clit started hurting when I read that. Same thing happens when I see people pulling trucks with their penises. I can take some pain, but that just looks dangerous.


  17. Amy, I don’t know where you live, but in the UK they have the AA and RAC who will tow your car to a garage.


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