Pissed off Kid Throws a Sulk

by duncanr

When a kid at a baseball game missed out on the chance to catch a ball hit into the crowd, he threw a hissy fit . . .

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6 Comments to “Pissed off Kid Throws a Sulk”

  1. So we are supposed to reward bad behavior now??


    • Just what I was thinking.

      The spoiled brat should have got a crack round the ear and been taken home. He’ll probably grow up to be a tax inspector.


    • Okay I just heard the rest of this story from Rip. He said the brat got rewarded by game balls later. Throw a fit put and stomp your feet till they give you wahat you want! Yep, that’s America today. I wouldve been told, “If you don’t wipe that look off your face immediately we can just go home right now!”,


  2. I think DC must be on holiday, or something.


  3. Bratty kids usually learned the bad behavior from their bratty parents. It’s rare I see a kid I actually like, same goes for people in general. Sad but true.


  4. It’s a good lesson, or it could have been, that we don’t always get what we want. In my opinion, this is what comes from this new gentler world of no grands and everyone wins kinda attitude.


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