Wal-Mart Sued over “Stolen” Chicken Necks

by duncanr

Mary Hill Bonin and her husband used the self check-out facility at the Adamsville Wal-Mart on July 1, 2007. When a $2.90 pack of chicken necks wouldn’t scan, they called an assistant for help. Assured the chicken necks had rung up, they were taken aback to be accosted by a Security guard as they were leaving the store and accused of stealing the bones.

They pointed to . . .

the chicken bones on their till receipt as proof they had purchased the items

An assistant manager at the store examined their receipt and confirmed the chicken bones had been paid for

The assistant manager checked the stores CCTV tape and confirmed the bones had been scanned.

Despite this, the security guard insisted on calling the police and having the couple arrested. He also phoned Mary’s employer to inform them she had been arrested for theft – as a result of which she lost her job.

That was not the end of her troubles. Because of her false arrest, her husband was deported, she lost her house, her car, and all her other possessions.

She is currently suing Walmart for recompense and is no doubt hoping for a substantial award though Walmart may well try to fob her off with a more ‘poultry’ (think about it) sum of money

Read more here – http://tinyurl.com/446ynhe


6 Comments to “Wal-Mart Sued over “Stolen” Chicken Necks”

  1. That picture looks like a pile of poo!


    • The story doesn’t sound much better, to be honest.

      It’s badly written (not Duncan’s bit, obviously….) and smacks of either total bollocks, or a thououghly biased and one sided interpretation of things.


  2. Poo? With bones in it Julie . . ?

    I would have a word with your doctor!


  3. They deserve to be sued if that is indeed what happened.


  4. One thing is for sure, ..someone or somebody sure has got some ‘bloody neck!’


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