Are You ‘Cool” ?

by duncanr

Are you a ‘cool’ person?

Or an old fuddy-duddy ?

Take a quick test to find out –

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23 Comments to “Are You ‘Cool” ?”

  1. Why did you have to post a picture of that grinning moron?


  2. It told me I’m the coolest Wombie EVER.


  3. Fonzie’s gorgeous…


  4. Erm, what’s a “Dickhead,” is that cool?


  5. What, like they have in Tesco?


  6. What, like they have in Tesco?

    BOGOF, Nobbly


  7. Now I look silly.

    Maybe I am a Dickhead.

    I wish I’d never been born!


  8. I notice that several newspapers are carrying articles about the human brain being at its maximum potential.

    This suggests that future generations will be less intelligent than we elite.

    Does this mean my children will be denied the delight of posting on MH, hitting the “post” button, then racing to the top of the page to see their Avatar flash up?

    It’s not a world I would want any part of.


  9. Four “ratty” Avatars in a row. Don’t they look calming, relaxing.

    I think they would make excellent bedroom wallpaper. Or “papier peint” as the French call it.

    “Paper Paint???”

    Silly buggers!


  10. Ah, M. LeRatty, vous etes un right plonkeur (un plonkeur a droite?), mais tu me fais rire.

    Et before vous whingez about pas des accents, je cannot be arsed!


  11. Je “plonque” avec le main gauche, actuellement.


  12. I’m just going to keep thinking I’m cool. Ha,ha,ha!


  13. What’s a dickhead?


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