Is it Right to Hit Children ?

by duncanr

The Australian state of Victoria proposes to ban corporal punishment in the home.

It is a move which the Presbyterian Church is campaigning against

“Many Australian families . . .

use reasonable physical discipline from time to time,” the church said.

“There is a significant body of research confirming its utility in raising children well.”

The chief executive of the Australian Childhood Foundation, Dr Joe Tucci, however, said it was never right to hit children.

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What do you think?

Is it ever right to inflict corporal punishment on a child?


3 Comments to “Is it Right to Hit Children ?”

  1. Damn!

    I’ve just put my trusty ‘child beating stick’ up for sale on . It had served me well over many a year, but now that my kids are grown up and bigger than me, I’d decided to sell it, and invest in something more suited to self defence.


  2. Corporal (facial twitch) punishment was an everyday (eats squashed fly – yummy) part of life for me, growing up (SHUT UP, YOU DOWN THERE IN THE CELLAR!!!) and it never (sets fire to next doors cat) did me any harm!


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