Light at the End of the Tunnel

by duncanr

Chiltern Railways plans to create a second Oxford to London Rail link, via Bicester. The proposed new line would run through a tunnel under the Wolvercote roundabout on the A40.

Problem is, bats use the tunnel as a place to roost and as a shortcut when they’re moving around the countryside.

The solution?

Install a set of traffic lights at the entrance of the tunnels to warn the bats of approaching trains thereby giving them time to evacuate the tunnel before the trains pass through

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[P.S. I thought bats were ‘blind’ ???]

3 Comments to “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. Bats aren’t blind, but maybe they’ll use those traffic signals that also have a sound chime or chirp that goes along with the light signal.


  2. Bats, I hate ’em.

    Eastern European immigrants from places like Transylvania and the like, they come in flocks to the UK and get in people’s hair. What does the UK Border Agency do about it? Nothing! They just swan around like a bunch of tits.

    The British Government are no help, they’re just interested in feathering their own nests, and as long as Bats don’t doss down in No. 10, there’s no pwoblem!

    I mean, these Bats have no intention of working. Ask youself, when was the last time you saw a Bat driving a bus, eh? or, or, well – you know what I mean!

    No, they prefer to squat in vacant buildings and spend all day sleeping, waking only to crap all over the place and eat indigenous British mice. AND, they are not only tolerated, but treated like Royalty. Take this latest example where they have taken over a British Rail tunnel (public property!)

    Are they being evicted? Are they bollocks! NO – they are having traffic lights installed to warn them of oncoming trains. Well, they’re not going to take a blind bit of notice of that and BR will have to re-route and spend honest, hardworking taxpayers money on building another tunnel.

    Then, guess what will happen?

    If it were up to me, I’d do them for trespass, have them up before the beak and make ‘em do some “bird.”


  3. Could lead to a new Warning (triangle) Sign under the Road Traffic Act:

    With an image of a bat flying across it; or does just the warning sign with a Deer running (wild animals) satisfy the requirement?

    Mind you, the idea of a Deer running at me would cause concern !


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