Man Sues over Lost Penis

by duncanr

He only wanted a ‘little off the top’, but when a Kentucky truck driver awoke after undergoing an op to be circumcised, he found the doctors had removed his entire penis after they discovered life threatening cancer while performing the procedure.

He was understandably pissed off about it – and his wife was none too happy either !

They are now suing the hospital for – “loss of service, love and affection”.

Source –

Update – Kentucky jury has thrown out the couples claim against the surgeon who removed the husband’s penis. Details here


2 Comments to “Man Sues over Lost Penis”

  1. I said a “little” off the top.


  2. “Penile cancer is rare, with only 1,360 new cases and 320 deaths estimated in the US in 2011, according to the National Institutes of Health.”

    It’s rare? That’s 1,360 times too many!


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