Sex Dwarf Eaten by Badger

by duncanr

I only ate this much

No, I’m not making this up

The body of a dwarf who had a small part in porn movies*** has been found in a badger’s sett – partially eaten !

And if that wasn’t odd enough, he looked like the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (well he did before the badger ate him)

Source –

*** Pssst, Nobbly – if you’re quick, there’s a job vacancy might suit you right down to the ground

8 Comments to “Sex Dwarf Eaten by Badger”

  1. What, you mean Nobbly looks like Gordon Ramsey?


  2. I think he fucking means he fucking sounds like fucking him.


  3. It’s a pity it wasn’t the full sized Ramsay that got nibbled by wildlife.

    Mind you, your average badger probably has better taste than to bite that twat.


  4. What do the Brits think of Ramsay? His show is hard to understand with all the bleeps and all.


    • Hi Mel,

      I can’t speak for the other 60-something million of us, but this particular Brit thinks Ramsey character as appearing on TV is a loathsome jerk.

      It could be that the bloke himself is a likeable character, who loves his wife and kids and helps little old ladies across the road, but the TV version is an arrogant nobody who has made loutish behaviour and a foul mouth something for young kids to look up to as a part of the route to fame and fortune.

      His TV programmes are corny, poorly scripted affairs in which Ramsey’s obvious acting is so wooden that I believe the Ray Mears once attempted to make a canoe out of him.


  5. “He was doing well but he was under pressure, 24/7, like everyone in this goddamned business” I didn’t realize sitting on a bed screwing women was such pressure. The living with them yes…


  6. Now if he’d been found amongst beavers….


  7. I had nothing to do with it!


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