Revenge is sometimes bittersweet

by Julie

A foreign trophy hunter shot and injured a leopard late yesterday afternoon at a game farm near Polokwane (South Africa).

This morning a husband and wife guiding team were tracking the injured animal at around 09h00 when the leopard attacked.

The leopard went for the trophy hunter, but the male guide, believed to be in his mid thirties, stepped in front of his client.

The leopard mauled the man’s left shoulder, arm, and abdomen, while his wife received multiple lacerations to her arm.

Quite honestly I don’t give a continental how the trophy hunter or the guides are doing, I am more worried about this poor injured, frightened animal.

Sadly, as of posting this, the leopard has still not been found – when they do find him, they will probably shoot him anyway.

This is a beautiful, majestic animal – how dare you people who have more money than brains think you have the right to shoot such a creature so you can have some fancy carpet at home, or a trophy on your wall – you are despicable!

As for the game farm owner who thinks he has the right to sell off such a beautiful animal for blood money, I hope you rot in hell!


5 Comments to “Revenge is sometimes bittersweet”

  1. Absolutely, Jules.

    Here are rich people enslaving dolphins for their ‘entertainment’:


  2. I don’t agree that animals are better than people (people are animals, after all). And I am a hunter myself, though it’s been a while. But I do oppose game farms. To hunt animals in their natural habitat is one thing. But to import animals from their natural habitat to hunt them is reprehensible. It’s simply unfair. If you want to hunt, go to the territory of your prey, so it has a fair chance. Otherwise, don’t hunt at all.


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