Sex, Booze, and Microsoft

by duncanr

A former executive is suing Microsoft for wrongful dismissal.


As details of the case emerge a corporate environment of sexual misconduct and excessive drunkeness, fuelled by readily available free booze has been revealed

“The alcohol made freely available in unlimited quantities included neat vodka which could be drunk from an ice fountain, and a very strong German liquor called Jagermeister,”

And you wonder why Microsoft software is so ‘buggy’ ?

3 Comments to “Sex, Booze, and Microsoft”

  1. Microsoft? Happens here all the time too 🙂


  2. Sounds like a fun place to work but of course he was dismissed, he didn’t drink the Koolaid! (It was probably spiked too)
    🙂 I’ve heard that Microsoft works the hell out of their programmers, I’m just saying- there had better be booze involved somehow.


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