Woman Reverses Car into House Kills Occupant

by duncanr

Ever had a bad day ?

Bet it was nowhere near as bad as that experienced by Thomas Micucci

Micucci and his room-mate, Zachary Isenberg, were at home minding their own business when they heard an odd noise outside.

Getting up to investigate, Isenberg probably had only a second or two to grasp what was happening before . . . the car being reversed out of her driveway by a woman across the street accelerated across the road and smashed through the wall of his house and into his living room pinning him under the vehicle.

Isenberg was rushed to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

As if losing his room-mate wasn’t bad enough, things began to get a whole lot worse for Micucci around this point.

While he was at the hospital, police searching amongst the debris of his house for any other victims found the little pot-growing operation he and Isenberg had going. As a result, he not only lost his room-mate and had his house half-demolished, he was arrested by the police on drug and gun-related charges

[some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed!]

Source – http://tinyurl.com/64ptytd

P.S. no word if the woman driver was blonde !


One Comment to “Woman Reverses Car into House Kills Occupant”

  1. Yeah that’s one very bad day


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