Pope Guilty of Crimes against Humanity ?

by duncanr

The International Criminal Court is being asked to consider whether Pope Bendict and 3 other Vatican officials – Tarcisio Bertone, the cardinal secretary of state; Angelo Sodano, his predecessor; and William Levada, a US cardinal – are guilty of Crimes against Humanity.

The charge has been made by lawyers acting on behalf of american catholics sexually abused when kids by RC priests.

Source – http://tinyurl.com/3ptzfsl

Failing to report such . . . matters to the police (lest the reputation of the church be tarnished) and simply moving an abuser from one diocese to another thereby allowing them the opportunity to offend again and offering little help and support to the victims ?

Yup, that’s a crime against humanity in my book

I’d like to think I’m wrong and that there really is a god and that the ICC will issue an arrest warrant for these sanctimonious sinners who have the temerity to preach morals and ethics to the rest of us but my head tells me the ICC will do bugger all

I can hope though !

3 Comments to “Pope Guilty of Crimes against Humanity ?”

  1. Yes!

    Go for it. Prosecute the bastards.

    But, who am I kidding. This organisation is so big, so powerful that it transcends the rules of law, decency and morality.


    • there is such a thing as ‘accessory after the fact’ and for the life of me I don’t understand why no bishop or pope who conspired to protect these abusers has ever been prosecuted for such

      It is time to stop treating the RC church as a special case. Everyone is equal under the law (or should be). We would not exempt any adherent of any other religious belief from the laws of the land so why do we pussyfoot around and give special status to the Pope and his henchmen just because they proclaim themselves to be above the law ???


  2. Texted to a workmate’s phone…..

    “I see the pope has issued a statement saying that condoms are OK to use in certain circumstances.

    Such as when the altar boy has diarrhoea.”


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