Henry Winkler, O.B.E.

by duncanr

Oh Happy Days !!!

The actor Henry Winkler has been presented with an honorary OBE by Queen Elizabeth II at a ceremony held in the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

Winkler is probably best known to a lot of people as ‘The Fonz’ – the character he played in the classic US sitcom.

It is not for that role, however, that this honour was bestowed upon him by The Queen

Diagnosed as dyslexic when an adult . . . Henry Winkler has written children’s books and toured British schools to impress on kids that dyslexia is not something to be ashamed off and it need not be a barrier to success

I am flattered to have had my work recognised in this manner, and hope to continue showing kids that their learning difficulty isn’t a disability.

I’m no great fan of the Honour system, but when so many actors are given awards for ‘services to entertainment’ based it seems simply on the fact they’ve been around for a while, it is refreshing to see an actor given recognition for doing something worthwhile for their fellow folk other than just entertaining them

Source – http://tinyurl.com/6l8j4wy

5 Comments to “Henry Winkler, O.B.E.”

  1. I’m very impressed with his BOE.


  2. I have been following Winkler for years. He is a legend. He has been quietly doing so much for children’s charity.


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