Orlando Fat Bank Opens

by duncanr

Don’t want to put you off your breakfast, guys, but . . .

A plastic surgeon in Orlando has just opened a new business – a Fat Bank !!!

The Liquid Gold LipoBank, to give it it’s proper name will store a patient’s fat removed by liposuction until such time as they may need to withdraw it to fix time’s ravages of their body.

The service does . . . not come cheap though – $900 for 1st year of storage, $200 a year thereafter for storing a coffee cup sized amount of fat. Given that no one would bother having liposuction to lose such a small amount of fat, this could be real expensive for those who wish to deposit their fat in Dr. Jeffrey Hartog’s bank

‘Liquid Gold’ – yes, for Dr Hartog !!!

Source . . . http://tinyurl.com/3j2acve

12 Comments to “Orlando Fat Bank Opens”

  1. You clearly have no concept of the economic aspects aspects of cosmetic surgery and how in fact this process saves patients seeking treatments such as facial fillers, significant amounts of money when compared to other products available. You really should try to be better informed on subjects that you choose to blog about, particularly when making disparaging remarks that can adversely affect someones reputation.


    • tsk, tsk, Jeffrey, a mite defensive are we not ?

      “making disparaging remarks that can adversely affect someones reputation”

      and just what disparaging remarks were these – that this new business venture of yours in intended to make money for you ?

      is that statement inaccurate or disparaging?

      if you are concerned about your reputation being harmed by a blogger, reporter, fellow medical practioner’s words, you should perhaps better spend your time and energy addressing the concerns and doubts about your proposed ‘fat bank’ raised by Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio and Dr. Stephen Baker (of which I made no mention in my ‘disparaging’ post, you will note) ?


      • oh, and you’re right, I have no idea about the economics of plastic surgery

        the ‘savings’ to be gained by depositing fat in your bank though are surely time-related ?

        if a patient waits too many years before making a ‘withdrawal’ then they will have paid more money in to your pocket for storing their fat than the actual cost of the procedure itself?


  2. Ha! Talk about living off the fat of the land.

    I find the whole idea of cosmetic surgery for reasons of personal vanity pretty repulsive, but that’s just my view. I guess it’s just an extrapolation of the attitudes of sad bastard blokes who colour their hair or wear a rug.

    Beauty is no longer just skin deep, it now goes beyond sub-cutaneous fat deep.

    Let’s just hope there’s never an explosion at Jeffrey’s podge repository; I wouldn’t want to be first on the scene with a mop and bucket.


  3. The statement ” Liquid Gold’ – yes, for Dr Hartog !!!” is clearly derogatory without the poster having any perspective on the costs of the facility, and the savings to the patients. This facility was established precisely because of the personal experience of my wife who underwent bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer one year ago and who is in the process of staged reconstructive surgery using her own fat, including fat banked at a similar facility, Biolife, in Dallas.
    For a cosmetic patient who has facial fillers 2-3 times a year, 300cc of fat can save thousands of dollars over just a few years, using a totally natural product. For a reconstructive surgery patient the benefits can be even more significant both from a procedural and cost-effectiveness standpoint.


  4. I can completely appreciate those who believe cosmetic surgery to be frivolous but each to his own. However fat grafting is becoming more and more a part of all aspects of reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction as in my wife, and facial reconstruction. Fat is also the richest source of adult stem and regenerative cells (ADRC’s), fat and these cells in fat are increasingly being used and studied worldwide for treatment of radiation damaged tissue, burn wounds and many others. In Europe Phase 2 studies are already in progress using these cells in the treatment of heart muscle damage after heart attacks. I will be happy to provide references to anyone interested in more information.


  5. With regard to the comments of Dr. Del Vecchio. Fat banking is simply an option now available to patients. It clearly has the advantage both economically and from a recovery perspective, and even repeated risk (though small) of repeated liposuction procedures. Harvesting 300cc at one time will last a facial filler patient their whole life quite likely, with simple injection procedures as with other fillers, each time some is used. For the breast reconstruction patient, as in my wires case, much larger volumes are required, so not having to undergo repeat liposuction procedures is a major benefit. Just ask her. Of course fresh fat is ideal, but not always so practical.The technology related to our banking process shows 87-90% survival of fat cells and close to 100% survival of stem and regenerative cells. Dr. Del Vecchio himself has published an excellent fat grafting study, nevertheless only 60-65% of the volume he appears to inject by his own data, is ultimately maintained.


  6. With regard to Dr. Baker’s safety concerns, it is apparent that he is not quite clear that this tissue bank is a fully FDA registered facility, and not simply a refrigerator in a doctor’s office as has been published and practiced previously. This facility is required to comply with all the required identification safety protocols such as strict barcoding etc. Tissue banking for elective procedures using other tissues such as cord blood, female eggs etc has been in place for many years. Larger volume repeat liposuction procedures for reconstruction are also not without a small amount of risk to the patient as well as increased recovery time. Banking makes repeat grafting (injection) procedures simple outpatient local anesthetic procedures. Finally their may be a benefit to having stored fat, particularly if the fat would otherwise be discarded as in most liposuction procedures, for future use, either for the fat itself or the stem and regenerative cells ADRC’s) it contains.


  7. One other point, I see this article is posted in the ‘Only in America’ forum. Fat banking and the use of fat and fat derived stem and regenerative cells is actually further along in the UK, Europe and Asia, than it is in the US. For example advanced studies and some NHS approvals are already in place in the UK for the use of fat and fat derived stem and regenerative cells.


  8. Wow! Thanks for that lot, Jeffrey.

    I know that you were responding to what you perceived to be a slur on your name and your commercial venture, but it really is good to get feedback and further information from people such as yourself.

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble.



  9. Anagrams of ‘cosmetic surgery’:

    Corrects my guise

    Yes, I correct mugs!


    Op: loin is cut


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