Ginger Sperm Spurned

by duncanr

Nobody loves me

Cryos, the world’s largest sperm bank is no longer accepting deposits of ginger sperm.

Other than the Irish, it seems very few people want redheads so Cryos has got a lot of ginger sperm on it’s hands it can’t shift

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P.S. Cryos pays donors up to $500 (£316) 😯 – I know what I’ll be doing then to supplement my pension when I retire 😆

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4 Comments to “Ginger Sperm Spurned”

  1. There’s a bit of theme to BigD’s posts at the moment – storage of bodily fluids for profit.

    What’s up mate? You been rummaging around the murkier and seedier depths of the megainterweb looking for a new leg or something?


  2. That’s funny. I know someone who had an ivf baby recently and she specified no gingers. Guess what colour her adorable baby’s hair is?


  3. Duncan, I would start now if I were you – that’s $500 per pint!


  4. Yeesh… i’m irish when I weant to be…my mom is from derry…and just think… I charge nothing more than my nights be filled with amazing results… yeah girlies…if you can’t serve the easy needs, then eff off… then i’m willing to charge the going rate…..



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