Super Hero Electron Boy : RIP

by duncanr

Erik Martin was born with only 1/2 a working heart and with lots of other medical issues that made life very difficult for him. As if that wasn’t enough for the little lad to cope with, he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 13.

Put in contact with the Make a Wish Foundation, his dream to be able to do things (e.g., run fast) he couldn’t do because of his ill-health came true (in a way) with the creation of a comic book superhero charactor ‘Electron Boy” based on himself.

A costume which . . . he designed was made for him and his local community rallied round to give him a day out to remember – full story here

Sadly, the Seattle Times reported Friday that Electron Boy (aka Erik Martin) has died, aged 14.

His life was short, but his story impacted many peoples lives around the world and was an inspiration for other kids battling life-threatening diseases

RIP Electron Boy !!!

5 Comments to “Super Hero Electron Boy : RIP”

  1. As a survivor my sympathies go out to his family….he is a superhero now only we call them Angels…..RIP young man….great post…zman sends


  2. Nice that he was able to get the comic, but very sad that they couldn’t save him.


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