Troy Davis : Stay the Execution

by duncanr

This time tomorrow Troy Davis may be dead – executed by lethal injection.

He was convicted of murdering an off-duty policeman, Mark MacPhail, in 1991

There was no forensic evidence to link him to the crime and no murder weapon ever found.

He was convicted entirely on the . . . evidence of 9 witnesses – 7 of whom have since recanted, saying they were pressurised by the police into pinning the crime on Davis.

Meanwhile, 10 new witnesses have come forward to point the finger at Sylvester “Redd” Coles – the man who reported Davis to the cops – as the murderer of Mark MacPhail

Evidence enough one might think to suggest that Troy Davis’s conviction for murder is ‘unsafe’

Yet today, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles rejected his appeal for clemency

Unless a last ditch effort to save him succeeds, Troy Davies will be executed at 7pm tomorrow

Sign the Amnesty International petition if you believe the evidence against Troy Davis is not sufficiently strong to justify his execution – Sign here


5 Comments to “Troy Davis : Stay the Execution”

  1. Have signed, Duncan. Just been on the ‘Independent’ site – there are some real knuckle-draggers on there (I’m Stickybud).


  2. It is unfortunately quite obvious why they don’t want to stop this, despite mounting evidence that the conviction was unsafe.
    He’d have a just claim, wouldn’t he? He’d be able to sue for wrongful conviction, and wrongful imprisonment.
    Truth is, Georgia, you’d rather execute an innocent man, than risk having to pay for your mistake.


  3. Oh, yes … I signed.


  4. This man must be given under any shadow of doubt a most rigorous investigation , if this was your plight would you not wish the same .
    Please in the name of all good that exist in all of us please do not allow this man to be executed .
    If this man is executed and then found to be innocent , what then oh sorry .
    This is a persons life especially when there is significant doubt
    I feel sorrow for the police officer who lost his life and his family left to forever mourn . The officers family have lost a son
    a brother a husband an uncle . And society a valued member . Would this brave officer had joined the police force for justice , i think so.To allow this execution to go ahead will not serve justice only leave a question mark as to did we kill an
    innocent man .


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