Supreme Court Rejects Troy Davis Appeal

by duncanr

There was joy (briefly) amongst those who believe the conviction of Troy Davis for the killing of a policeman is ‘unsafe, i.e., the evidential case against him is ‘suspect’ and as such a retrial is warranted (, when a stay of execution appeared to have been granted.

However, the State had merely . . . postponed the execution while awaiting a judgement from the Supreme Court which was considering a last ditch appeal

After deliberating for 3 hours, the Supreme Court refused a stay of execution (

It seems that Supreme Court judges in the USA have a different interpretation of the principle ‘beyond reasonable doubt‘ than the ordinary ‘man in the street’ !!!

UPDATE – Troy Davis was executed at 11:08PM ET

I think people know in their hearts that this is shameful” (Amnesty International USA Executive Director Larry Cox)**

When it comes to the sentence of death, there should be no room for doubt” (Former FBI Director William S. Sessions)**

Another man confessed. Seven eyewitnesses recanted. Police accused of coercing witnesses. No DNA. No murder weapon. Justice?” (Terry Moran, who covers the Supreme Court for ABC News)**

** quotes from here –


2 Comments to “Supreme Court Rejects Troy Davis Appeal”

  1. So very sad. They wouldn’t even consider using current DNA technology. I hope, if he is innocent, there is a special place in heaven for Troy Davis because he showed remarkable respect and dignity right up until the end … despite his fate.


  2. Here’s the thing that really urks me about the case. Troy always claimed that he had left the scene before Mr MacPhail was shot and had no idea who killed him. Despite getting the death sentence he never once accused the other man (who is believed to have shot the off duty policeman) as the culprit. You would think with his life on the line he would try and implicate him?


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