Troy Davis vs Samuel Crowe

by duncanr

Just saying !!!

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4 Comments to “Troy Davis vs Samuel Crowe”

  1. I misread a headline on New Scientist today: Troy Davis execution highlights… I was horrified ’till I saw the full article. Thankfully the press has not yet sunk to the level of the state of Georgia. Ritual murder is wrong.


    • Totally agree, Andy, with your description of this act as ‘ritual murder’

      I think what has made this particular state execution ‘newsworthy’ is the flimsy nature of the ‘evidence’ pointing towards Davis’s guilt – and the willingness of the Supreme Court judges to apparently see a possibly ‘innocent’ man executed rather than be seen to bow to pressure from an ex-USA President. former head of the FBI, the Pope, heads of foreign governments, amnesty international, and uncle tom cobley and all

      While some may wonder how the supreme court judges can have an untroubled conscience about their decision not to grant a stay of execution while further investigations are carried out, as an ex-psychologist, I have no doubt that ‘cognitive dissonance’ will come into play here. In other words, these judges won’t have any sleepless nights wondering if they made the right decision or not. In order to live with themselves they will convince themselves they were right and downplay the importance/significance of any evidence suggesting the contrary !!!


  2. Want to know what pisses me off, apart from executions? (don’t get me started on that) it’s lazy people who cut and paste URL’s. I LOATHE them – – – So here goes :

    How petty is that? FFS!

    But I did find some humour in the article – “Most states that have the death penalty allow last-meal requests, said Richard DIETER, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Centre.”

    No, I’m not a hand-wringing leftie. To sentence someone to a LIFE term and deny them a normal life, sunshine, friends, relatives, sex, love, sympathy and to be regarded as a low life piece of shit till the day they die, is pretty much ok by me!


  3. Ratty, the death sentence is not the prisoner’s choice. If it were I may view things differently. Yes; life imprisonment should mean life, but to revengefully terminate another’s existence is wrong. An eye for an eye turns us all blind (yawn).

    Give the life-long convicted the option, cake or death.


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