Prison or Church for Sinners

by duncanr

There’s a few raised eyebrows over in Alabama at a proposal to sentence non-violent felons to a church rather than a cell

Under the ‘Restore our Community’ program, first-time offenders convicted of a non-violent crime that carries a sentence of up to 12 months in prison could choose instead to attend church for a year (

Jesus Christ !

Prison or Church ?

It’s a hell of a choice – you’re buggered whatever you do 😦

3 Comments to “Prison or Church for Sinners”

  1. What does “buggered” mean? Sorry for my lack of British English knowledge. 😉

    I know you are biased against churches and at times you may have the right to be but churches do a ton of good. For example:

    Not all pastors are like the stereotyped one in the photo above.

    With that said, I think that people sentenced to prison should have to spend their time in prison. If churches want to minister to prisoners in prison then that should be okay.

    In America we have Freedom of Religion so, that to me, means we can’t force people to attend church… nor should we.


    • Oh, and if any of my sentences sound backwards it is because of this “buggered” German language I am learning. Did I use buggered in the correct context there?


    • Was because of the separation of church and state enshrined in US Constitution that this story 1st caught my eye – since this program seemed a clear violation of that separation.

      You’re right in that I do not have much respect for organised religion. Although an atheist myself I respect the right of other people to believe in a deity if they so wish. Whether one believes in a God or not is, in my view, a personal decision. I am not so arrogant, however, as to assume that my non-belief is correct and believers are wrong. It is possible that it is me that is wrong. For that reason, I do not attempt to persuade any of my friends (of different faiths) to become an atheist – If only the same tolerance would be shown to me by ‘Christians ‘! (I say christians because no Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or Sikh has ever knocked at my door trying to ‘save my soul’ by turning this poor sinner to God)

      If there is a God and he/she/it is all-powerful then why are organised religions so arrogant as to assume that God would choose to reveal him/her/it self to only one ‘people at one time. If they were prepared to accept the reasonable supposition that God revealed him/her/it self to many people and cultures at various times in the past in a manifestation most suited to that particular time and culture and that all religions are consequently worshipping different manifestations of the same God , then there would have been less blood spilt in the world.

      Organised religion is best when it is ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of those in trouble – whether in their own community or the wider world, regardless of whether or they share the same faith

      It is at it’s worst when it is trying to impose it’s own belief system on that of others – arrogantly believing it’s own is the only ‘true’ religion – and preaching hatred and intolerance towards those who do not share in it !!!

      As for my use of the word ‘buggered’, I meant that in the sense of being ‘screwed’ or ‘fucked up’.

      It also, of course, is a slang term for anal intercourse and I chose it deliberately over the alternative expressions precisely because of this other meaning – since I wanted to allude, to those familiar with the sexual abuse of young persons by RC clergy, that one is as likely to encounter ‘arre-bandits’ in the church as in prison 😆


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