Potential Darwin Candidate

by Julie

I suppose there are some things we just can’t figure out … this has got to be one of them for me!

The Shark Spotters had spotted him, rang the sirens TWICE, raised the flag, someone warned you …. BUT YOU STILL HAD TO GO BLOODY SWIM WITH A GREAT WHITE SHARK!!!

Now you’re minus a leg, possibly going to lose the other …. and Mr Sharky is still swimming happily in Fish Hoek Bay!

Anyway dude, I hope you make it, but I still can’t believe you were so stupid!  I promise to nominate you for the Darwin’s if you don’t leave hospital!


15 Comments to “Potential Darwin Candidate”

  1. Good job it was one of them beautiful, timeless, graceful, creatures that took his legs off when he had the temerity to invade their space, he gets no sympathy from me!


    • He aint getting no sympathy from this side either, apart from the simple fact that he absolutely ignored ALL the warning signs that are in place on this particular beach (which are often, because this is a shark’s haven) – he wasted valuable paramedics’ time, plus helicopter time … and now .. the best doctors time to try and save him ….

      AND … apart from that …. two guys went into the water to rescue him ….. the shark did go for them as well while they were pulling him out of the sea, but a poor little seal got in the way ….

      The only good thing that could possibly come out of this, is that the two guys who went in to get him should get medals for bravery!!!

      I reckon this dude qualifies for the Darwin’s top spot, alive or not ……


  2. was alcohol a factor here ?


  3. Why is it that, when another nation or religion sticks up the finger to another, they will spend billions trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. Yet, when we are attacked by a common foe ……….. (insert predatory animal/mamal/insect of your choice) we just gush and say “it’s nature.”

    We even donate money to wankers who want to keep dying breeds alive, so that alligators or ……….. (insert predatory animal/mamal/insect of your choice) can copulate in 5* conditions (mini-bar included) so that they can, at a future microchipped-date, reward us by devouring us for no other reason than that we taste nice!

    I think that, somewhere along the line, we have lost the plot.

    Whatever happened to that instinct, once referred to as “self preservation?” What happened to men of the calibre of St. George who single-handedly rid this planet of foul-breathed dragons? (and was a Brit!)

    Julie and Duncan, reflect on that while you’re being bitten on the arse by a ……….. (insert predatory animal/mamal/insect of your choice.)


    • Damn, I’m already regretting posting here, where after a few days my comment will be swept into the ether. Much better, I think, to have posted it in FKF, where, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, it would have remained unread for millennia, discovered and then pored over by wise men. – Damn, damn, damn!

      Ah – here comes the Nurse.


  4. St.George was a Roman soldier, not a Brit, and talking of ridding the place of foul-breathed old dragons – it was John Major that prised her out of Number Ten.


  5. Ere….who are you calling a tree fucking mother hubbard?


  6. FOU ! That’s who – Do you want me to spell it out for you?


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