al-Awlaki Killing Illegal ?

by duncanr

Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Barak Obama (who sanctioned the execution of Osama Bin Laden) proudly announced the execution of Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen by a CIA operated drone missile.

The killing of Al-Awlaki (authorized by Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Barak Obama) has raised some legal and moral concerns, however, amongst some people

Some people, but obviously not . . . the Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Barak Obama, take issue with an american President ordering the execution of an american citizen abroad (al-Awlaki was born and raised in America) without that citizen being tried and convicted of any crime

There is no evidence that Al-Awlaki committed or participated in any terrorist attack against the USA. He did condemn his governments record and actions against muslims at home and abroad and he did call for attacks on american soldiers – not something I would approve of, but doesn’t the american constitution guarantee an individual’s right to free speech, regardless of how distasteful the views expressed ?

The Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Barak Obama’s reason for putting Al-Awlaki on a ‘Kill List’ was that he was ‘believed’ to have inspired others to commit terror acts against the USA

Click the link to read the views of those who think Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Barak Obama, broke International Law in ordering the execution of one of his own citizens without any legal process

Quick question – what is the difference between Gaddafi and Assad ordering the execution of their own citizens for advocating against their policies and their rule and Nobel Prize for Peace Obama ordering the execution of al-Awlaki ?

Just asking !

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2 Comments to “al-Awlaki Killing Illegal ?”

  1. Not a word from the Dems who elected him, or the Reps who otherwise think he can do nothing right.


  2. I remember the day he won the Nobel prize – the same day another 30,000 troops were sent into Afghanistan……


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