October 21st 2011 – End of the World Reminder

by duncanr

Remember Harold Camping, folks?

The guy who predicted the end of the world on May 21st ?

Remember the tortuous excuse he came up with to explain the non-occurrence of the ‘Rapture’ ?

In essence, it went something like this . . . God did finally decide on May 21st who was going to be saved – the ‘elect’ – and who was going to be damned, but there was to be a 5 month waiting period before he finally pulled the plug (I guess even an all-powerful God needs time to make some arrangements to create suitable accommodation, employ extra angels to cater for the needs of all these ‘elect’ buggers entering heaven en masse)

According to Camping, God finally made his mind up on May 21st who were the good guys and who the bad – so if any of you sinner folk have been turning over a new leaf, desperately doing good deeds to try and build up some credit these last few months, you’ve been wasting your time. The decision was made May 21st.


So if Camping and his followers are correct, the 5-month waiting period is up Oct 21st. That is when the world will end and the ‘elect’ will ascend into heaven and the rest of us head in the opposite direction

P.S. going to be a few red faces on Oct 22nd !!! 😆

5 Comments to “October 21st 2011 – End of the World Reminder”

  1. Same day Paranormal Activity 3 opens in the U.S.
    I wanna see that movie.



  2. Will it still happen at 6pm in all time zones?
    Is it possible to beat it in an aeroplane?
    Can psychowatcher catch an afternoon viewing of Paranormal Activity 3?
    What happens in Samoa?
    Should I bother cancelling the milk and newspapers?
    Can have the keys to your car?

    I need answers Harold.


  3. “Can psychowatcher catch an afternoon viewing of Paranormal Activity 3?”

    That would work.


  4. The world simply canNOT end before Wombat Day! Everyone knows that October 22 is the most important day of the year.


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