Thieving Firefighters

by duncanr

The USA incarcerates a greater percentage of it’s population than any other country in the world (

This is an expensive practice. One state (Georgia), however, has come up with a bright/stupid* plan to eliminate around $500,000 a year from their prison budget.

It proposes to put two prisoners in each of three . . . existing firehouses in the south Georgia county. The prisoners would not be under guard and would respond to emergency calls alongside professional firefighters

“I’ve been told the inmates are very enthusiastic about being a firefighter” said a spokesperson – stating the bleeding obvious!!!

The prisoners chosen for the scheme will be those convicted of drug offences and theft

What could possibly go wrong ?

*delete whichever is inappropriate

4 Comments to “Thieving Firefighters”

  1. I can’t speak for the ‘redemption’ of thieves. As a former alcoholic/addict, I believe I can say a little about the drug offenders. Not only do I have the past addiction, but I used to volunteer at a local prison and “boot-camp” for young offenders, taking the message of sobriety and abstinence to those who were receptive.
    Of course, there is a high rate of recidivism involved, it’s the nature of addiction. But…I think, if done well, this could be good for those who get to participate. They would presumably be monitored for sobriety, and service to ANYONE (besides the monkey on their backs), is the common denominator of nearly everyone that has actually achieved any lasting relief from using.
    Saving someone, literally, would be a life-changing event. Think of the sense of duty and self-worth that this might impart to a struggling soul.
    I’m just saying, ….let’s give this idea a go!


    • I mostly look for humor in the situations I post about, SK – but you’re right, if the participants are chosen carefully then this scheme could change some lives for the better.

      Your comment opens up a wider debate about the ultimate purpose of prison – is it’s primary purpose punishment/revenge/retribution?

      Or should society use a prison sentence as an opportunity to seek to rehabilitate offenders ?


  2. At least they’re not going to use pyromaniacs.


  3. I like Sekanblogger’s comment


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