Cut Poverty at a Stroke

by duncanr

Much of the news at the moment is dominated by footage of the protests on Wall Street which have spread to other cities in the USA too.

While it is unclear (to me at least) what the ultimate aim of the protesters is, i.e., what act or event will bring their protests to an end: What needs to happen before they decide their occupation of Wall Street has succeeded and they can disperse and head for home? – in a general sense they are protesting about . . . the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the USA and the inequality of a tax system in which much of the wealth of the country is concentrated in only 1% of the population who pay less tax proportionally than the poorer 99%

Now I don’t wish to diminish the plight of those in the USA (like those in the UK too) adversely affected by the current dire economic situation but poverty is relative.

While folk in the USA and UK are seeing the value of their pensions cut, their wages fall in real terms, their tax burden increase, their jobs being lost, and their houses facing repossession, they are still better off than many folk in the world who lack clean water, basic sanitation, housing and food.

India is a country of contrasts. It has a booming economy and yet a large number of it’s people live in poverty.

Tasked with devising a plan to reduce the number of people living in poverty, the Planning Commission of India has come up with a cunning plan to solve the problem – one which other countries may well follow (No, they haven’t asked Bono to stage a concert for them)

Young Divya Srikanth explains here –


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