Toddler run over twice – left to die

by duncanr

Yeuyue, a 2yr old girl in China was run over by a white van driver who left the scene of the accident without stopping. A dozen or more passersby ignored the young girl – none going to her assistance. She was then run over by a second vehicle. She is in critical condition in hospital and not expected to survive

The incident was caught on CCTV (CLICK READ MORE TAB TO VIEW VID)

Such callous indifference to the suffering of a young girl is hard to understand !!!


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9 Comments to “Toddler run over twice – left to die”

  1. Apparently under Chinese compensation law, the driver who ran over the little girl pays less now she has died than if she had continued to live – leaving her father to speculate whether the driver who ran her over with the front wheels of his van then stopped momentarily before carrying on and running his back wheels over her body did so deliberately to ensure she died and he faced a lesser financial penalty ?


  2. This is the tragedy of human existence. OMG …


  3. I’ve seen many abhorrent real-life images & footage from the dark end of this world, but i can’t bring myself to watch this ‘one’.
    ..reading the story is enough for my imagination to be haunted with images of the unfolding tragic, heartless scenario.,
    those ‘scum’ drivers and the ‘zombies’ who ignored the little girl’s suffering should be ‘ordered’ to repeatedly watch the footage to see for theirselves how far from humanity they have become.

    When this ‘horror’ was initially broadcast by the local news, 4 plus million chinese people hit the news forum with condemnation, anger & sadness.
    Health-insurance dependency, lawsuits and the compensation-culture is a corrosion on the basic ability to be’s time for these to re-think, time to get some commonsense compassion.


  4. Duncs, the news I’m reading say that the little girl is still in a coma.


  5. RIP little sweetheart …. some people will have a lot to answer for for the rest of their lives!!!


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