Gaddafi Captured

by duncanr

Muammar Gaddafi has reportedly been captured near Sirte and taken to hospital with bullet wounds to both legs.

Given the number of times the ‘rebels’ have announced the capture of one or another of Gaddafi’s sons only to admit later they were mistaked, I think a degree of skepticism regarding this latest claim might be wise until confirmed by multiple sources

Source –

UPDATE – GADDAFI DEAD – al jazeera reporting Gaddafi has died of his wounds –


9 Comments to “Gaddafi Captured”

  1. Reports now in that he is dead.


  2. Gaddafi is Dead. Long Live Gaddafi.


  3. Now enters the next Libyan ‘regime’, supported by the UK, France, USA, et al., who will no doubt be ready to issue the invoice-bill for arms, medicine & reconstruction., oh! and not to forget the organising of the proposed ?democratic elections?
    It looks like Libyans will be betrayed yet again.


    • Oil reserves in Libya are the largest in Africa and the ninth largest in the world” (WIKIPEDIA)

      Now watch France, the UK, and the USA carve up libya’s oil reserves between them !


      • P.S. The overthrow of Gaddafi was a common goal uniting a disparate group of rebels with differing visions of what a post-Gaddafi Libya should be.

        Now that they are no longer fighting Gaddafi, how long before they start fighting amongst themselves ?


  4. Yes Duncan ..similar to what’s happening in Egypt.
    I sometimes have to pinch myself in the hope that all this ‘despicable conniving’ from world-powers & nato thuggery, is just a bad dream., but no! it’s not a dream,’s real.

    The option of diplomacy could have negotiated a plan to ‘mark out’ territorial borders & regional control for both sides., but no, that wouldn’t suit the international ‘mission’.
    The ‘mission’ which was supposedly intended to protect civilians., there doesn’t appear to be any shame or conscience with those &%$#@ ..Misrata was being pulverised while Cameron et al were rallying their specific concern for Bengazi..duh, go figure!

    I’m just so pissed off!!!
    ..however, it’s good to see that people all over the world are saying “enuff is enuff”, and ‘stuff’ the whole stinking poli-corporate system.

    { and of course, thank goodness! for Madhatters’ latest ‘vaginal humour’, helps, especially when other things are falling apart, eek! 😉


  5. @trillan3 ***The ‘mission’ which was supposedly intended to protect civilians…. there doesn’t appear to be any shame or conscience with those &%$#@ ***

    The current crop of western leaders have shown convincingly that they are morally no different at all from the terrorists they pretend to despise. Oh well… sooner or later they reap what they sow.

    The press are disrespectful of cultures they don’t understand, and too lazy to find out. In this 2010 interview with Gaddhafi, Australian journalist George Negus (who states elsewhere that he’d “written a book on Islam”) asks a question which is simply too offensive for the translator to repeat literally.


  6. No matter what he was, this was just plain and simple murder. Is this how we all want “freedom” to be? Carte-Blanche to murder?


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