World Ends Today – Maybe

by duncanr

No use trying to hold back time, folks.

You had a bit of a reprieve a few months back when you got an extension, but your time’s up now

Today’s the day the world ends.

Packing’s going to be a bit of a problem since none of us can be entirely sure what the weather will be like where we’re going – will it be pleasantly cool? Or unbearably hot ?

Best hedge your bets and . . . pack a sweater along with your swimming costume !

Of course that doddering old fool Camping may have got it all wrong – like he did before, and the time before that, and the time before that – so don’t go giving away all your money and possessions (unless you happen to live near me, that it is – I’m accepting cash, electrical goods, cars, whatever) šŸ˜‰

8 Comments to “World Ends Today – Maybe”



  2. Iā€™m ready. No crying, preaching, running in circles or repenting.
    Just my usual routine.

    I hope Iā€™m picking my nose or wiping my ass when it ends.
    That would be a fitting commentary on life.


  3. Well I’m leaving in a merry state …..


    • still here, loon – a bit bleary-eyed (too much wine last night)

      it’s 2.29am here – just getting ready to take dogs round the park, then time to check what Camping’s excuse for this latest failure is.

      hopefully he is now so discredited none of his followers will be taken in by his nonsense again

      P.S. happy Wombat Day ! šŸ˜†


  4. I’m glad we didn’t put off our Wombat Day party!


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