Canine Erectile Dysfunction

by duncanr

7 Comments to “Canine Erectile Dysfunction”

  1. A randy Welsh Corgi called Griff
    Had stopped nuzzling where dogs like to sniff
    His nose out of joint,
    There was really no point
    With his little protrusion not stiff.

    But his owner had noticed his shame
    And knew that Griff wasn’t to blame:
    ‘Bonerol’ from the vet
    Meant his finest shags yet
    And a penchant for next door’s Great Dane!


  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Thanks, Duncan!


  3. Yes!

    Old Mother Hubbard
    Went to the cupboard
    To get the poor dog a bone.
    Mother Hubbard bent down
    The poor dog came round
    And gave her a bone of its own!


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