Michigan Republicans O.K. Religious Bullying

by duncanr

Matt Epling committed suicide in 2002 – a drastic measure to escape his suffering and torment at the hands of bullies

The Michigan Senate just passed a bill named after him – the “Matt’s Safe School Law” – intended to give schools additional tools to combat bullying’ and make vulnerable kids safer

A late insertion of a clause into the Bill by the Republican majority to protect “sincerely held” religious beliefs or moral convictions from being considered bullying”, however, has negated the whole point of the Bill. Instead, this Bill endangers children as it now allows bullies to torment their victims and escape punishment by claiming their actions were guided by sincere religious beliefs

[Hhmm, seems Republicans think (do Republicans think?) only atheists can be considered bullies in Michigan]

Minority Democrat Leader Gretchen Whitmer explains to republicans the consequence of what they have done

4 Comments to “Michigan Republicans O.K. Religious Bullying”

  1. If this is legit, then it stinks.

    I assume that these right wing christians would be first in the queue to complain about religious persecution of women or children in other countries, where folklore other than christianity is the norm.

    Politics is a filthy business, administered by self-serving big-heads
    Religion is a filthy business, administered by self-serving bigots.

    Bring the two together and you have the perfect recipe for repression of the population.

    I trust no country that allows such nonsense as religious belief to play a part in determining policy and legislation. They are all backward.


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