Sad state of affairs …..

by Julie

I’ve been a member of the MadHatters for some time now, unfortunately I haven’t had the time to contribute either post-wise or comment-wise for some time! There HAS been a very good reason, and unfortunately I cannot make a comical post out of it.

For good personal reasons, I have a very invested interest in woman and child abuse. For the last somewhat weeks, I have desperately been trying to find help for a 5 year old boy.

I had almost exhausted every avenue in this country, until this evening … absolute desperation set in ….. our local “flying squad” (I take no responsibility for this – I take the liability of calling the “fifth amendment” here) were called …. within 20 minutes my little man was in safe hands …. his mother and father had been arrested, and procedures are in place …… GOD BLESS YOU MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!


8 Comments to “Sad state of affairs …..”

  1. That’s great news Julie!


  2. Thank YOU Bitte … it’s still going to be a very long road for this little man …. but at least someone has now listened …. there is very little chance he will land up back where he came from – I have cried tumulutuous tears of joy tonight!!! 🙂


    • I completely understand how you feel. You must have read my other comments. Anyways, Julie you’re always welcome to stop by my blog and check posts out. Read the “The Bitter Me” if you have time. It’ll let you know how things work. Any person who helps victims of child abuse is a friend of mine. A highly respected friend.


  3. Sheez, Julie, they should bottle your blood. Hopefully one day when that little boy is old enough to understand he will knock on your door and give you a big hug.

    Psst I think you should adopt another little kitty, puppy or Bokkie to celebrate don’t you?


  4. Come on Julie, that’s a half-arsed story for not posting. Details please!

    My excuse for not contributing (in case anybody noticed my absence) is that I have been pissed out of my brains for the last three weeks in Aberdeen, Scotland. (Go with the flow.)

    Well, that’s YOU sorted, Julie. – Now on to Mr. Mid-life crisis, NobblySan. (I shall adress him in his own column “What’s NobblySan been up to recently?”

    I’d appreciate it if you, (readers) would allow me and Nobbly some privacy and not peek at his column, entitled “What’s NobblySan been up to recently?” so that he and me can talk, man to man – Thankyou!


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