Vodka Tampons : Bottoms Up

by duncanr

Apparently it’s a new fad amongst under-age drinkers wanting to get drunk without leaving the tell-tale whiff of alcohol on their breaths – a vodka-soaked tampon inserted into a suitable bodily orifice (this differs depending upon whether one is male or female)

But does it work?

How much vodka can a tampon hold?

How does one insert a tampon once it has been soaked in vodka (or the spirit of your choice)

How many tampons before one gets tipsy?

These are the sorts of questions one intrepid blogger sought answers to . . .

5 Comments to “Vodka Tampons : Bottoms Up”


    *shudders and gags*


  2. One tampon can hold a bloody load of vodka ……..


  3. “dude your ass smells like brandy” Not sure.


  4. Bar-person: “How would you like your drink, ..’pushed?’ or ‘poked?'”

    ..”oh! we also have our monthly special of ‘Bloody Hairy!'”


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