Is it just me?

by NobblySan

…or have Google thoroughly screwed up their products?

Gmail – like all web-based mail clients was never particularly good at presenting information to you in a usable format, but has now had a pointless facelift that makes it even harder to find stuff. A definite case of turd polishing.

Youtube – for a casual user such as myself, the new look to the GUI doesn’t seem much different, but for hardcore addicts, it appears to be the end of the world, judging by some of the comments that are getting bandied about.

Search engine homepage – surely they couldn’t cock up somethingas simple as this…could they? What could be more basic? Somewhere to type in what you want to look for and a big button to make it ‘go fetch’. Oh, anda few category headings across the top where they’re easy to see in full view. I know, let’s hide the categories so the punters have to go looking for them, adn then let’s insult them by telling them it’s a good move.

Finally, Google+ – Why?  What’s it for?  What does it do? Honestly, you tossers at Google are so busy trying not to be Facebook that you’ve actually come up with something worse.




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