Singapore Leaders Accept Pay cut

by duncanr

Now this is something you don’t find happening very often (if at all) – politicians taking a pay cut !

No, it’s not our bunch of tossers in the UK or their ‘cousins’ in the USA. These particular politicians are in Singapore.

The Prime Minister, his ministers, and the President have all agreed to accept a substantial (36 – 51%) pay cut following an independent review of their salaries.

The ministers had employed the argument so loved by politicians everywhere that their pay had to be as high as it was in order to . . . attract talented individuals from the private sector into politics. The committee countered that argument on the grounds that linking ministers pay to that of top leaders in the private sector ran the risk that minister’s policies would be tailored to enhance the wealthy in the private sector, since that would also enhance their own earnings. The committee proposed instead that ministers salaries should be a multiple of what the lowest 20 per cent of wage earners get – thus encouraging them to do more to raise the standard of living of the poorest in society

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2 Comments to “Singapore Leaders Accept Pay cut”

  1. Wonderful logic.

    A bit like paying your doctor as long as you are well, and then stopping his income when you fall ill.

    Here, it’s not April 1st already, is it?


  2. Don’t worry, sanity will be restored via massive wage rises for all workers, and massive tax increases for the bottom 20%.


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