The simplicity of the male imagination.

by NobblySan

20 Comments to “The simplicity of the male imagination.”

  1. LOL.

    Men are really s- umm… nevermind.


  2. This can’t be allesklar’s imagination. His mind too complex to be thinking such thoughts.


  3. Yeah Nobbly, an elegant solution, admirable in its simplicity, yet showing the hidden depths which inspire us, and sustain us with food and lots of drink.

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  4. There’s probably nothing on underneath that towel ….


  5. BTW there’s a thought bubble missing from the thought bubble [missing from the thought bubble {missing from…} ]


  6. @Nobbly

    Hey! I may be a woman, but I do not give a crap about those things.

    1) I don’t have a purse.
    2) I don’t talk with my neighbors.
    3) I always wear baggy clothes.

    So there.


    Men are simple and dirty minded!

    Anyone who says otherwise is a man in denial.


  7. @Bitter
    # Men are simple AND dirty minded!

    I wish you wouldn’t complicate things. One thought at a time is quite enough.


  8. Anyone for a game of wiles? (if you have the time – it might take a wile…)


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