Cameron vs Salmond : Bannockburn Revisited ?

by duncanr

Scotland’s Prime Minister, Alex Salmond wants to hold a referendum on Scotland’s future role with regard to the UK in 2014.

David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, insists the Scottish Government has no authority to hold such a referendum – that that authority resides with him and the UK Parliament in London. He is prepared to bring forth a Bill to give the Scottish Parliament temporary power to hold a referendum but . . . and here’s the sting in the tail – the referendum would have to be held by the end of 2013 at the latest.

Why all this fuss over the date?


Alex Salmond would . . . like to see Scotland to becoming a fully independent nation again. David Cameron does not want to see the breakup of the UK.

Hence the importance of the date.

2014 is the 700 yr anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn -a pivotal battle in the wars of Independence between Scotland and England, when a small band of lightly-armed Scots peasantry defeated a much larger force of heavily armed English soldiers and cavalry. One can be sure that 2014 will feature many events commemorating the battle of Bannockburn (expect endless repeats of ‘Braveheart’ on the TV and shops stowed out wi’ Bannockburn memorobilia). Both Cameron and Salmond expect a referendum held in the midst of an orgy of nostalgia for past glories might make Scots more inclined to vote for ‘independence’ from England. Which is why the Scottish leader wants to hold the referendum in 2014 and Cameron is desperate to avoid that date.

The danger for Cameron is the hand he is playing will be exploited by Alex Salmond (English interfering in Scottish affairs, etc) to strengthen the Nationalist vote

Who will win this tussle?

My money’s on Salmond !

3 Comments to “Cameron vs Salmond : Bannockburn Revisited ?”

  1. I’ve always rather liked Alex Salmond.

    My mind was altered somewhat yesterday, after hearing his wriggling, squirming, and trotting out the sort of weasel worded shite so beloved of mainstream politicians when questioned during a radio interview.


  2. Funny how the guy with the English name wants Scotland to be independent, and the guy with the Scottish name wants to stay united. Well, maybe not so funny if you read the history …. and learn that half the fighters in the supposedly “English” armies at Preston Pans, Culloden etc. were in fact Scots, and the Jacobites and other dispossessed folk ended up in places like Canada, Ireland, Wales and, er, England.


  3. Ach, we’re all the same, Jimmy!

    (McNeill of Kent)


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