Free Booze Proposal for Alcoholics

by duncanr

Many alcoholics will often, when nothing else is available, drink mouthwash or sanitising fluid stolen from hospitals.

A group in Vancouver is proposing a novel solution to wean alcoholics off these fluids – free booze !

The city already has . . . centres where heroin addicts can go to inject themselves using clean (safe) syringes. Now the “Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education” is seeking Government funding to set up a drinker’s lounge stocked with vodka, sherry, and high-alcoholic beer

“It would be members-only because once word gets out it is free alcohol everyone that just wants a free drink would show up” said a spokesperson for the group

Damn, right – where’s my friggin pasport !!!

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2 Comments to “Free Booze Proposal for Alcoholics”

  1. Where’s the enrolment list?


  2. The newest in singles scene.


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