Bringing Call Centres to a Prison near You

by duncanr

prison call centre

Many companies in the UK that operate ‘call-centres’ to deal with telephone calls from users of the goods or services they provide, have outsourced these call centres to countries like India.

The high unemployment rate in the UK has prompted some folk to call for these outsourced jobs to be brought back ‘home’

Since the prime motivation for . . . outsourcing these call centres in the first place was the lower operating costs of locating a call centre in India, compared to the cost of running that same centre here in the UK, it seems companies (who must answer to shareholders) are not very likely to bow to pressure to bring these ‘outsourced’ jobs back home. Unless . . .

If they want to set up a call centre in the UK that can compete economically with one in Mumbai, perhaps UK business leaders should follow the example of the USA and talk to HM Inspector of Prisons ?


Such a move, of course, does little to reduce unemployment in the UK but does offer improved customer satisfaction, increases profitability of companies (hence happy shareholders), a more varied and ‘interesting regime for some prisoners (with possibly reduced risk of them re-offending upon their release), and some extra money for the prison service. Everyone’s a winner (except for the poor buggers in Mumbai that would lose their jobs)

2 Comments to “Bringing Call Centres to a Prison near You”

  1. Just don’t let them take a credit card payment.


  2. Might help ex prisoners find a job when they are released too


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