Are Rapists Angels?

by duncanr

Rick Santorum is one of the candidates vying for the opportunity to become the next President of the USA

A man of strong religious beliefs (almost a pre-requisite if you are applying for the job) he is fervently against abortion – even if the woman is ‘with child’ as a result of being raped.

His position is that life is sacred – that children are a ‘gift’ from God, and that includes those fathered by a rapist

Which begs the question . . . are rapists actually ‘angels’ doing God’s work?

Are they God’s ‘mailmen’ – delivering his gift of a child to unsuspecting women?

Interestingly, while Santorum is against killing god’s gift when it’s in the womb (anti-abortion stance), he is apparently comfortable killing god’s gift once it is out of the womb (his pro capital punishment stance)

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised at God using rapists to present the gift of a child to a woman. After all, they do say he moves in mysterious ways. Equally, it seems his followers, who see no contradiction in being anti-abortion but pro capital punishment, also move in mysterious ways!

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5 Comments to “Are Rapists Angels?”

  1. I have never understood that contradiction.


    • Hiya psycho,

      They don’t want or expect you to understand. Religious zealots and politicians fear understanding. Their power lies in people being blinkered, ignorant and believing what they are told based on blind acceptance that the person telling them cannot be telling them lies.

      Given the fact that religious zealots and politicians have been lying through their teeth for millenia, I’m amazed that people still fall for such claptrap.


  2. One thing that could possibly come out of this interview, is that anybody listening to either Rick Sanctimonius or Pierced Organ for more than a couple of minutes must surely be convinced of the benefits of seeing off some people before or shortly after birth.


  3. No, they are not. But neither are the babies conceived through rape demons. They are innocent babies who had no choice in how they were conceived, and sadly no choice about whether they will be dismembered by an abortionist in their mother’s wombs. Actually people who see all abortions as wrong, no matter how the pregnancy came to be, are far less hypocritical than they who make “exceptions” for things like rape. A baby is a baby no matter what.

    If you’d like to read more about how babies are killed in the womb, I was just reading about it at a new blog I found – Speaking of demons…


  4. Santorum is just there to make people like Newt look normal.


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