Pigs Not Happy with Artwork

by duncanr

Prisoners are a captive work-force.

They’re also a source of cheap labour

When you need a job doing, and money is tight, getting prisoners to do the job might seem, therefore, like a bright idea

However, the red faces amongst Vermont prison and police personnel and the sniggers on the faces of the prisoners illustrate that this is not always the case !

Click link for details – http://tinyurl.com/7phjgf9

2 Comments to “Pigs Not Happy with Artwork”

  1. Years ago, when i was a teenager, my mate’s brother used to drive a pale blue Vauxhall Chevette. The police drove similar cars at that time, also in pale blue, with white doors, with POLICE in dark blue lettering on the white doors.

    For those old enough to remember, they’ll know them as Panda cars.

    Anyhow, my mate’s brother painted the doors of his chevette white, and then added a big pink pig to the centre of each door.

    They got painted out within a fortnight, as he got pulled over for some imaginary offence every time he left the house.


  2. We used to a Shove-it ….bet you can guess how it got it’s name and who always had to shove-it!


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