Capello Quits as England Manager

by duncanr

Yesterday Fabio Capello quit as England Manager over a disagreement with the F.A. decision to strip John Terry of the England captaincy whilst he faces accusations of racist behaviour towards an opponent –

I hereby tender my resignation


3 Comments to “Capello Quits as England Manager”

  1. I’m sick of hearing about Capello, Redknapp, Terry, and every bugger else associated with this load of old nonsense.

    It is 46 years since the England football team won anything, so whichever overpaid pillock is in charge of the other bunch of overpaid pillocks doesn’t make much difference either way.

    It’s time the English public and media faced up to the fact that they’re just a second rate team – quarter finalists at best.


  2. England are shit, and I don’t even know anything about football.


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