Buyer Seller Beware

by duncanr

Who are you calling an Ass ?

Caveat emptor” (let the Buyer Beware) is the warning that a buyer purchases goods -“as is”. They may be defective in some way, or not suitable for the use the buyer intends to put them too. That is the risk the buyer accepts when purchasing the goods.

For one hapless California man, however, the phrase “Caveat venditor‘ (Seller Beware) is more appropriate.

James Labrecque had an old safe. It was locked and he didn’t have the combination to open it, but he believed it to be empty. He put it on eBay and got $122.93 for it.

The buyer took the safe to . . a welder. When it was cut open, far from being empty, it was found to contain around $26,000. Mr Labrecque is pissed off at the news and has been trying to get the buyer to give him 1/2 of the money. It is what he would do if the situation was reversed, he says.

Yeah, right – pull the other one!

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P.S. no mention, I see, of returning the cash to the original owner of the safe ?


3 Responses to “Buyer Seller Beware”

  1. That would be like buying old junk at a garage sale only to find out it is worth some $$$ See ya.



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