Which country is the biggest threat to UK freedom here?

by NobblySan


No waffle or blurb from me, just read the article.


5 Comments to “Which country is the biggest threat to UK freedom here?”

  1. I agree. Though I’m an American (by birth, not by choice), I find it quite ridiculous that the British Government has sucked-up to the American Government in recent years. I’m particularly disgusted by Tony Blair–he kissed-up to President Clinton and President George W. Bush (both of whom I despise), throughout their entire terms.

    On a somewhat relevant note: There are nine nations with nuclear weapons capabilities, at this time: Great Britain, France, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel, and the United States. The United States, in particular, is so opposed to Iran’s nuclear program, yet maintains nuclear weapons of its own–which I consider hypocritical, especially since it is the only nation that has ever actually used nuclear weapons in war (a terrorist act, of the worst kind). Any nation with nuclear weapons is a potential threat to humanity. And there will be no security against nuclear war until every nation with nuclear weapons disposes of its own.


    • William Hague (our ‘Foreign Secretary’) was on the radio last week saying that if Iran acquired nuclear weapons it would start an arms race in the Middle East, with countries like Saudia Arabia developing them also.

      What he didn’t point out was the fact that Israel having 300 nuclear warheads hadn’t started that process. Or maybe it did, with Iran.


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