To Real-Psychic

by UniSciKill

I wish you all the best for your birthday.

Couldn’t buy you a box of cigars or fancy wine but here’s a poem.


Tides of Understanding

Silent observer

Deeply pondering the days

An unseen softness inside

Listening to the sounds of

The world and all the problems it holds

With an unbiased mind

Feeling resigned to life

Passing each hour with

A calmness that is

Uniquely you


18 Responses to “To Real-Psychic”

  1. Real-psychic sounds pretty laid back.


  2. A real psychic sounds a bit of a novelty.

    I thought they were a bunch of dodgy old frauds – fooling either the paying public or themselves.


    • I knew you were going to say that !


    • Real psychic is a name and a reference to an inside joke. A year ago there was a team work/leadership workshop that we participated in. One day we were discussing the different types of intelligence (logical, spatial, musical, etc.) in this guide given to us at the beginning of the workshop. In the middle of the discussion, our mentor asked one of our peers to go up to the white board in the room and write down the different intelligence or keywords that the rest of group members called out.

      The mentor left the room and the weird dude in our group (he always said the weirdest crap so we dubbed him the weird dude) who sat in the back said “Psychic”. He continued on saying it was a type of intelligence too. Needless to say the rest of us were trying to hold in our laughter and when the mentor walked back in she was shocked and confused when she saw the word ‘Psychic’. From then on, we labeled the weird dude => ‘Psychic’.

      Then a couple days after I looked at my friend and said you’re a real psychic compared to him. So, sometimes I’ll call him Real-Psychic. Don’t mean to disappoint anyone but he’s not really a psychic. He is a good observer though and because of that he’s a great person to go to if you want to talk about anything.


  3. love the accompanying pic


  4. you made a start on a poem for me, unicycle?

    soon be May, you know !

    if you’re having a bit of bother finding the right words that best describe me can I suggest . . .


    and that’s just for starters

    Perhaps fellow madhatters can suggest other words that capture the essential me ? 😆


  5. Beautiful poem nice choice of picture as well.



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